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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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on the remainder of the report, was there any public comment on the director's report? >> no, there was no, public comment request for this item. >> so we certainly would appreciate the update, on the virus, and we anticipate that we will get further updates as warranted. >> thank you very much. >> next item, is general public comment and we have several folks who have turned in requests, and yes we will go on to general public comment and public comment will be a two-minute process, please for everyone. today. since there are a number of public comments. we will begin with it looks like george patrick but i could be wrong. and it is from sciu, ten 21 george. and it would be first, and carletta jackson lane, and terry lang and as we get to
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third speaker i will call three more names, you will have two minutes and you want to explain how you will be using the timer. >> yes, speakers i will be holding a timer, when the beep goes off, know that is your time to stop speaking. >> good evening, commissioners. this is not george, it is david (inaudible) and my handwriting was bad but i didn't realize it was that bad. >> okay. >> it is not george, my name is david and i am the san francisco director for fcis local one and i want to give you the context of why we were here yesterday and yesterday with the community organizations and the community leaders from the african american community, in the past nine months, sione has been meeting with the members and community groups to talk about the inequality in general and also, inequality and how it impacts the members in in the
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african community. >> and we called with a list of demands around 14 areas and we will have them being helped and the others being around housing and the other on education, and incarceration and that in the past nine months, we have engaged hundreds of new members and community members and members of the community as i said in the african american community to come up with a list of grievances or demands that we want to bring to you especially the house disparity, concerns that we have. and tonight, the folks that are with me, will speak after me will expand on what some of those demands are, and how we think that you as a commission, could be addressing all or working with us around the meetings some of those or addressing some of the concerns that will be raised here tonight, thank you. >> thank you. >> our next speaker, please? >> and maybe, you better identify it, i seem to be having trouble with it.
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i apologize. >> good afternoon commissioners and thank you so much for this opportunity. my name is carletta jackson wane and i am the director for the foster family agency and also a member of the african american health collaborate, and we would like to let you know that the african american in san francisco, stuck disproportionally from a range of health ailments and including not limited to asthma, diabetes and health disease and hypertension, and cancer and hiv and aids. and it is a lung cancer rate for blacks and it is 85.5 percent, per 85.5 per 100,000, and compared to 49.6 for whites. and the asthma rate for blacks is 21.5 percent, and compared to 13.3 percent for them and
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the death rate for black mails due to heart disease is 219 per 100,000.
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and it is targeted and the african american community, and it leaves them without the infrastructure to function and it allows them, and almost a set up for failure and the other piece that i want to talk about was ear marking funds for developing a marketing and anti-stigma campaign and a anti-literal health campaign and it does not take much to get down the street and see what the issues are and last but not least, we want this body to truly consider along with the board of supervisors, a bill to tax drug stores or pharmacis in relationship to giving dollars toward this effort. and i thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am jeanie woods and i am a
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member of the african american health equity council. and i stand to say that i am in total support of the health commission's recommendations and i hope that you support the recommendations also. thank you. >> thank you. and our next speaker, please? >> good afternoon, commissioners, i am maxine and the member of the african american, council and we are not here asking for a hand out and or something for nothing, but we are asking for support and for resources tha, will provide us some health equity and it will allow us to help ourself and to be self-sufficient, and this is prevention, and as we know, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, thank you. >> thank you. >> and as dr. ramon comes in and the nkt three and actually the next speakers would be, and i found davis here and so it will be swift and cathy davis.
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please. >> hold this up. >> maybe not. commissioners, good afternoon. and nice to see old friends, still. and some of the commissioners and i first met and i have the privilege of working with doctor tamas a while back, 20 years plus now and neither one of us had gray hair and i actually had hair on my ahead. i come before you today to address the issue of the under funding of the african american cbos. and as former member of san francisco state and uc berkeley, for several years. and that, my colleagues were kind of run away from me. at times they love me, but they know that i have the certain projects in terms of community based research that i will be
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engaged in, and the money is inefficient that is being funded towards them and you asked us to operate under friendship rather than need and the true economic equity and it is almost as it is racism for a better work and every time, i go before even with the feds or the state and it is like, your people and you people, just like when we had in the 90s, for the breast cancer. and the data came out of bay view hunter's point and we would debate with dr. gillis here and did the initial and the women in morin county got the money. i am looking at the women and i am going to the funerals and they have seen the children die and the women who work, 22, 23, 25, and 27 and there were no 26-year-old women, dying, too soon, in the children going without and you are asking the cbos to work miracles and some
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of the physicians in the private practice, who are black and grew up in the neighborhood and i will not mention names and you wish that i can, i can't afford to practice in the community they grew up in. we are under funded and the cbos are under funded and if you have a problem with the cbos hold at countbility and no problem. but if we are doing an excellent job and then pay us and quit discriminating against us and we have a right to live and we think that it is a human right, and i wish that you would take the consideration in this discussion, thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> and the next speaker, would be matel swift and cathy davis and those are the last two slips that i have and if anybody else wishes to speak during the public comment let us know. >> good afternoon, commissioners i am cathy davis and i am the executive director of bay view hunter's point
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services and i have been with the agency for 34 years, and in those 34 years, i have seen a lot of the same thing that i still see today. we run an adult day healthcare center that is about to be 30 years old and in those 30 years, the same issues are the same issues and i don't need to give you the statistics and you don't need to hear this one more time. but as the organizations that are out there, and really tried to do things and really trying to make the change happen, we need to see that support for the african american, cbos and we are really taking on what the gentleman just said, miracles and, creating miracles for nothing. and i for one am tired of seeing the african american community having to rise up and do something with nothing. we do it all of the time. and i really under score what mr. lang said about the one percent you know, the drug companies and the people that are making money are making money off of my seniors because they take ten or 15 or 20
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medications at a time and they are, the consumers of all of this drug medication. i would also like to see us really work together in the community to make some change happen, and as a group. and we are really trying to come together in the african community, and the organization that work together to say that we stand for something and we want to see the change happen and the support that has not been there for many many years and we are going to do what we do and we need more support and back up and the thing that i will say that i am so frustrated with and i am so tired of seeing the people in the bay view getting studied. and people analyzing and spending all of this money to figure out how to help people,
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matty scott. >> it could be matty scott. >> good afternoon, commissioners it is good to be here and thank you. and hi, barbara it is good to see you, and i too stand here on behalf of the address and the grievances for the african american community i lost my son for gun violence in 96 and we are at 33 homicides with one recent that just happened and now, bay view hunter's point this past saturday. and this, and these homicide and violence has increased and not stopped, the migration of the black folks in the city is out rate yus and the opportunity for the cbo and like myself and others and, just so you know the look and it is griefs me for a city like
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san francisco that represents such diversity, and unity, is shutting the door and closing its eyes to what is happening in to my community, and the communities of color that are suffering from health and disparity and so i really hope that we look at this grievance and that you take it into consideration to help us so that we can be the city that we both love, thank you. >> thank you. >> i like to thank the public for coming and addressing, and letting the commission know about the issues that you have raised, as you know under the brown act, we are not permitted to actually discuss any item that is not on the agenda, however, i am asking that the director address this, and we do have budget considerations coming up in the next several months, for the future, and you have raised that issue, and i am sure that if you speak with the director garcia, she will be able to also, assist in the
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issues. director garcia, do you see any comments? >> no, but we definitely will work with the group and i know many of them and we will look at the budget process and also, to know that we did reach some dollars recently that i believe that some of these organization kaos definitely qualify for and that is our reach program, and so, we will be talking to them about that as well. >> i appreciate that and an update from you. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> our next item please? >> yes, the next item is the report back from the finance and planning committee for today. commissioner chow? >> good afternoon, commissioners. the finance and planning committee met just before the commission meetings and we had a presentation on the business
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intelligence unit. and also we were looking over some contracts and that is all on the consent calendar for the commission for approval. and we also have a discussion that is a small discussion about a site that is going to move and it is the momentless advocacy project that will be moving from mission to hyde street and also, one additional thing that we actually looked at, was how we have been doing contract review, and tried to come up with, you know, more contemporary policies to really reflect on all of the changes that have already happened within the city and to reflect
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on how we can continue to work on more of the policy level, and and mission-driven discussion and we will have more updates and possibly a new policy draft for the commission to approve in a month. >> commissioners any questions or comments to the chair of the finance planning committee or additional comments? were there any public comments? >> we did not receive public comments for this item. >> if not, thank you very much. and it was a very productive meeting, and we will move on to the next item, please? >> yes, item 6 is the consent calendar as commissioner just noted there are four items. >> commissioner chow are you recommending approve of all of these on the consent calendar. >> yes, mr. president, and but, the finance and planning
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committee has voted on extending all of the items for the commission's approval. >> okay, does anybody, othe consent calendar is before us, does anyone want to extract anything from the calendar? all of those in favor? >> aye. >> all opposed, the consent calendar is accepted. >> the next item on the agenda is the health commission vice president election and there is public comment. >> and there is public comment, and it is at two public comments on here. >> yes, sir. >> but the yellow piece of paper. >> yes the yellow paper. >> okay. so i have two public comments, and again, two minutes, please? and first it will be cathy davis, and followed by terry lang.
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hello again, and i am the executive director of bay view hunter's point senior services and i just want to say something about commissioner mcgee because she really is the first commissioner i have ever seen, willing to come out to the community and ask what we need and find out what is going on. and she could be voted in as the vice president and i just want to say that would be a great choice to have someone who is a champion and an advocate for the people, thank you. >> and thank you, next please? >> mr. terry lang, please? >> great, thank you. >> and i also want to voice support for consideration of commissioner mcgee as vice president and she has come out to our office on numerous occasions and just to see the
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dance classes overflow and she did not dance but she was there. and she came out to sort of ask what the issues were and i am just grateful for that kind of leadership. and for that relationship also, i have a great relationship with barbara but i want to talk about that because it has been too long, since the commissioner came out and to spend some time with our organization and we appreciate it and i think that she has a good grasp on the issues and i think that she is willing to roll up her sleeves and work with the community to get a better understanding of how the politics of all of this works, and so i just say that on behalf of commissioner mcgee. >> i would like to thank her
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for the support and my mother who is the ceo and founder jackson and they have done, years and years of work, around at risk yoegt. and both in the san francisco business professional woman, as well as in the national coalition of 100 women and she is the leader in the community and highly respected and we are very grateful that you are on the commission and we wish you the best. and to see that you guys support her for the vice president. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any further public comment? on this subject of the vice president election? >> if not, we will proceed then, with our election the office is open for nominations, at this point. and if we could clarify, i am sorry, before we move forward that the term is a shorter term, and due and this is filling the vacancy of
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commissioner melara and that term will be up in march, when new elections for the are into the new election for the officers are in place. >> thank you. >> and it also got postponed and so this is the term that will go, and to march, and the bi laws and at which time, we are schedule to have new elections of officers. >> and so, nominations are in order, commissioners sanchez? >> yes, i would just say that i can't remember the exact date where we have the board retreat which was a public retreat and everybody was there and we had staff and officers, and citizens, and at that time, members were asked if in fact they would like to make a statement pertaining to the candidacy, and for the vice president, and at that point, i thought then and i still think
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now, the commissioner gave a eloquent presentation of why she thought that we could all work together, if in fact she were nominated as the vice president of this commission and so keeping that in time, this is quite a while ago, when this was on at again da way back when, and i would move that the commissioner mcgee be nominated by the vice president of this health commission. >> and so i accept that as a nomination for vice president, are there further nomination? s >> yes, i so, if you recall, commissioners, that at that meeting i did particularly, and i want to consider possibility and from my hat in the ring for the candidacy. but after, i had more thoughts on that, and because looking at
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what the commission needs and in full term and i understand that there are other candidates that are better for you know, to really shepherding those priorities and i actually would like to, and this is referring to the process, and it is commissioner david singer, and the reason why i think that he is a good candidate, for us to consider as well, is because of some of the prioritis that people have mentioned, and also because we are under the affordable care act, and we have a lot of infrastructure to build, and commissioner singer, brings with them, those experience in helping to like shepherd and guide the commission and the health department, in those processes. for instance, the medical electronic medical records and also in the infrastructure of
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our operation and finances, and these are all really crucial elements in order to provide the much needed surface with so many community members have expressed earlier. and so the money has to come from somewhere and how we relocate and purchase, and we really need a key eye on that. >> okay. so commissioner singer has been also placed on nomination. and that should actually ask commissioner singer because we have had actually commissioner taylor-mcghee that she was going to be a candidate, commissioner singer are you willing to serve as candidate? >> i am and i am excited to be on the same ballot as commissioner taylor-mcghee. >> okay. >> thank you, is there any further nominations to add to this ballot? >> i move the nominations be closed. >> okay. >> is there a second. >> second. >> okay. no further discussion, and all
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of those in favor of closing the nominations say aye. >> aye. >> all of those opposed? nominations are now closed. and i think that in this process, we will then have a hand vote which will be counted by our executive secretary, over there. and we will do it in alphabetical order. and the first with the commissioner singer please? >> and so, all of those in favor, commissioner singer please raise your hands? >> thank you. >> i know four. >> all of those now in favor of commissioner, taylor-mcghee, please raise your hands. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and so, by a vote of 4 to 2, commissioner singer will serve as our vice president. and i would like to say that both candidates would have been equally effective in different ways and i am pleased to work
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with and have worked either of them, and i am going to see that we continue to have a move forward with the series and i am actually pleased that we are going to fill this position so that it will help us or help me any way. thank you. >> and congratulations, and thank you commissioner taylor-mcghee for also, considering this same office. >> yes, and the chair. >> no. >> okay. >> and yeah, the commissioner singer and then, we will get to commissioner sanchez. >> go ahead. >> and i think, that and this is very important thing for us to remember, is that there were some passionate people here, with us today, with some real insights into what is going on into their community and we would not have that lens and focus on that without commissioner taylor-mcghee efforts and i think that it is incumbent upon us to make sure
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that we explore these issues and come to understand some of the things that people are concerned about in the community. and come back to them with answers. >> thank you, and i think that is what we requested from the director and i couldn't, agree more fully. and having worked here, for these many years. that we must come up this time with an answer to the or to our issues. of health disparities, there is no question about that. commissioner sanchez? >> yes mr, chair, yes in keeping with the spirit of commissioners, that are going after many, many years, and having a vote taken which we did. and having votes shared kh, we did. i would therefore, move that in the spirit of unity, and of this commission, we log this as a vote for the vice presidency and move forward tha. would be
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my motion, and sort of in tradition and, many of another commissions as votes are taken and i would therefore, make this a motion, so that we could move forward. and we have already had the discussion, to vote and now we will close it for the next part and that will be my motion. >> and do you... >> yes, is the motion is that we then make the election all of that, and at this point, the commissioner votes that it be logged as you nan maous and move forward. >> is there a second to that motion? >> not hearing a second to the motion, the motion will die at this point. >> okay. >> yes. >> and i just want to make a comment and i think that i really appreciate the level of expertise, commissionerch


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